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Welcome to the Namimun Informational Blog

This is the Namimun informational website and blog. This is my brainchild! In an age where nothing seems to matter anymore, in a place where I feel depressed or bummed about stuff like money, etc, one thing I am learning to understand is that I can write about my feelings and ideas and inspirations at this site.

I sometimes have a tendency to ruminate over things that are going on in the world, and then, what follows is a terrible feeling of deep despair that I’m teetering on the edge or utter financial ruin if things in the world don’t improve. How can I afford to live?

I know – pretty depressing, huh? Well, that’s changing! Because what is going to happen in this blog is that well-researched articles are going to provide some ideas for people just like me who are searching for something different. And because those articles will help lift up even my own spirits, I’ll share them with you very soon!